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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I know I should probably have it this time of year, but I really don't. I really have no desire to be home for thankisgiving. Yeah I'm sure it would be cool if I could kick it with my family and all that jazz, but I am way excited to have thanksgiving with my friends here. Christmas too.

Perhaps I'm just weird. 2 holiday seasons in a row....

Don't worry though guys, I'll be home next holiday season (though I would rather be in belgium working at a hotel or in China teaching English or something of that sort next year.) But home beackons and so do the parents (I only think I'm a grown up). whateva.

Monday, November 20, 2006

You must be at least 40" to ride

I stand corrected.... blogging is productive.

Today was my day off, I asumed everyone else was working so I sat around like a vegi. It was kinda nice... later in the evening I come to find out that almost all of my peeps had the day off and they asumed I was working, so they all went to the parks all day while I sat at home... bum deal. They even went to splash mountain to see me.

My roommate said some people were talking about "the mormon splash girl" on the bus today. It makes me feel special to be talked about behind my back. I have no idea as to the subject matter of this conversation.

I'm buying a turkey tomorrow! (An already-killed/plucked/washed/frozen one)YUM!

I learned something today, but I already forgot what it was.

Did you know that there are 11,324 triangles on the big ball at epcot? I made mashed potatoes at 3 in the morning last night.

OK, i'm bored. I think I suck at blogging. I need to practice more.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where has the time gone???

It's halfway through November already!!! That means I leave Florida in only a month and a half!!!! That makes me incredibly sad.... I love it here, but I have to go back to school. School is ok I guess, I just know I will never have another experience quite like this one again. I know I say it a lot, but I am amazed at where life has taken me. While it hasn't been easy at all it has ALL been worth it. Crazy stuff..... Anyways, Thanksgiving is next week. I like food. The people next door are making a lot of banging noises. They're weird. I'm listening to Diseny music. In an hour I'm going to Magic Kingdom to watch my roommate preform in the highschool musical show. I just don't want to get on that blasted bus... I am so tired of busses. The first thing I am going to do when I get my car is burn the bus schedule. OOOoooo, maybe I'll get a whole stack of bus schedules and have a bus schedule bon fire!!!! Yeah man! Well, I guess I'll go do something productive now.