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Friday, September 29, 2006


Pleasure Island (or P.I. as everyone calls it.) is an interesting place. For those of you who don't know, it's a place in downtown Disney where there are like 7 clubs. Disney Cast Members get in for free monday through thursday. Therefore, one of the most common questions you get asked at work on thursdays (other than when guests ask you "What time is the 3 O'clock Parade?") is "Are you going to P.I. tonight?" Being the only person who had never been I decided to go... It was crazy fun!
Yeah, I had fun dancing with all my fellow "Splash Trash" (as we splash mountain crew are affectionately called) but the best part was just going to the upper levels and watching people dancefrom the balcony. Drunk people are so funny when they dance. The have no rhythm whatsoever.

I think I will have to add "people watching at P.I." to my favorite things to do.


So I've decided to be a copycat and create a blog...

I figure this is probably good for my sake and the sake of my roommates so I won't have to tell them of my brilliant thoughts all the time (becuase they come often)... now they can read at their own will. :::you can thank me later:::.

so I've slept in until 11 everyday for the past three days. I go don't work until the afternoon/evening... get off late, then either watch movies or go out until even later... go to bed super late and begin the whole cycle again the next day. It pretty much rocks.