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Monday, November 10, 2008


So um it's been a little while...

I got married 6 months ago to Josh (previously mentioned as "roommates brother", "confusing boy", and I would like to add the new title of "most-amazing-man-I-have-ever-met-and-will-love-him-for-the-rest-of-forever!")

I no longer filp burgers or scrub toilets for a living... I now go to school and substitute teach (yeah... I'm a "temp" in the words of Jack Black)

I will graduate this time next year.

Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron is still used with high frequency

My beetle didn't survive (see "my bad" post) :( ::moment of silence for the beetle::

IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! (I have baked more things with pumpkin in the title than you can imagine and my house is all decked out for THANKSGIVING!!)



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