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Sunday, November 04, 2007

sunday evening....

Stephalie and her saucy beast of a man are sitting nex to me right now.... it's awesome. I'm in Utah ahd actually happy about it! I love my stephie-poo, she's nifty. Oh and Peas (which took me a long time to understand what that nickname meant) anyways is here too she's so nifty I hugged her while she was wearing nothing but a towel. I went on a date with Josh last night, first time I saw him since the breakup 3 and a half month ago... it went well, but interesting.... we'll have to see where that leads. I ran into pooh today! Holy man, one of the most exciting moments of the day. I wonder where peas is right now, maybe in her room :::yells Jenni where are you!?:::. Ok, not really but I should.

I got the week off work so I vow to not scrub a toilet for an entire week. I'm pretty stoked!

I like the sabbath, it's a good day. I like church too. I found jenni. she didn't die. I like that brown blanket. Why does mike want vanilla waffers so bad? He can walk!... maybe not waltz though. he should learn. that would be cool. I like making boys giggle like girls. Jenni might be on drigs because she's teething. Oooooo, WAR! OFFICE! my love! that couch is so ugly. Unicorns are funny. I had a conversation with my mom yeaterday involving unicorns, william tell overature, and the dump. It lasted a total of 2 minutes. Stephie's socks are fuzzy. I just touched them. Darcy knows a lot of stuff. Mike ate all the nilla waffers. Ew, I don't liek triscuits. steph would lok really funny while eating 35 crackers at once. Dude everyone got quiet for a minute... weird....


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